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These elevators are built primarily to accommodate stretchers in vertical transportation for modern Hospitals. They come in various capacities for stretcher with patient, accompanying hospital staff and Patient’s relatives. These elevators are designed to meet very high standards of safety and disruption free Performance for hospitals, nursing homes and other health care centers.

Stable and safe, low noise, smooth travel, accurate leveling, self- diagnostic technology, special Handicapped purpose cop.


  1. Hospital elevator uses the advanced can bus communication mode and vector variable frequency technology which are equipped with the powerful anti-interference function. It brings safer and more Reliable lift travel.
  2. We adopt the industrial level 32 bit digital,large capacity micro- processing chip and the scientific program With high efficiency. It can deliver the bed and passengers quickly and efficiently and reduces waiting time.
  3. Our distinctive trouble self- diagnostic technology brings easier and simpler lift maintenance.
  4. We adopt double-cpu structure, the first-class safety components and control system, it has self-test Program, can reduce troubles and judge to the troubles correctly.the passenger feel safe and reliable During lift travelling.
  5. We highly appreciate energy-saving. Our corporation apply the advanced variable frequency technology, Permanent magnet synchronous host and space-saving design. We truly bring benefits and convenient to the Customers.