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Traditional to a Modern Society

After years of servicing, even the best maintained machinery could fall short of your expectations. The Purpose of modernization is to increase the value of your asset by keeping the elevators running safely and Reliably for the lifetime of your building.

Elevator modernization is an investment that ensures the long-term convenience and safety of visitors and Residents. Such an investment can pay for itself by increasing capacity, saving energy, and improving Reliability and accessibility. It can also provide more intangible benefits, such as improved better ride Comfort and appearance.

We here at TOYO ELEVATORS conduct a full analysis of your current installation and prepare a modernization Plan to raise the elevator to modern standards of performance, safety, aesthetics and accessibility. We also offer modernization solutions ranging from replacement of elevator parts with more cutting edge technology all the way to full replacement solutions of your elevator and its installation. Our solutions comprise of electrification, signalization, hoisting solutions, and cabin and door modernization.


The hoisting unit includes the most hardworking components of your elevator, and the most important ones. It is these components that face the most wear and tear. Replacing a worn, outdated hoisting unit is vital for Safety.


Modernising the electrification system also eliminates various potential safety hazards and gives you more hastle-free running of your elevator, hence, more peace of mind.
We here at Toyo elevators offer you to use the new age advanced can bus communication mode and vector variable frequency technology which are equipped with the powerful anti-interference function. It brings safer and more reliable lift travel.

We have adopted double-cpu structure, the first-class safety components and control system, it has self-test program, can reduce troubles and judge to the troubles correctly. The passengers feel safe and reliable during lift travelling.


Fixtures are a significant part of your elevator car because that is the starting point of your travel. No more delayed response, jammed push buttons, erased numbers and skipping of floors because the button did not connect. Now, it is easy to upgrade the starting point of your elevator travel whether you are inside the car or waiting in the hall outside. Change over to modern, specially designed,micro-stroke, soft touch, ring luminous button modules for car and hall fixtures and feel the change.


The elevator is often the first thing tenants or customers see when they enter the building. Contemporary design and quality materials improve the image of the building.
If the surface components of your elevator are worn or scratched, you can give it a face-lift and have it looking like new in a short time.
Elevators in newer buildings are characterized by stylish cab interiors reflecting and complimenting the buildings architectural theme.